Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 5 Conference Call Service Providers Available

Technology has made life much easier for everyone. It is no longer a difficult thing to connect with people living in different countries. With the help of technology, it is no longer expensive as well. Call service provider companies have played an important part in it. This product has gained a lot of popularity in the corporate world. The best thing about this software is that using and setting up the service is quite easy. This service is also called VOIP in most of the places.

In order to use the software, all you need to have is a good internet connection. Other things related to the software will be provided to you by call service provider. You will find a lot of good call service providers available in the market. The selection of the service provide completely depends upon your preferences and requirements. Since there are a lot of service providers, they all are offering difference packages. But before anything else, you need to make sure you have switched to better internet connection.

Once you are done with the set-up, you can start making or receiving calls instantly. You need to be very careful during the selection of call service provider. Since there are many, it will be hard for you to select a right one. You need to do a good research on the service providers who are already available. It is always good to take second opinions. Ask people who are already using such softwares; they will definitely guide you in a better way. Following are the five best call service providers available in the market offering best services. They are being used widely as well:

  • VoIP Buster

The advantage of this software is that you will not have to spend a penny after purchasing this software. It provides services absolutely free of cost. The call quality is also very good because it uses the latest technology. Users can also make calls via computer and that too free of cost. The time duration is also unlimited which means you can make free calls for unlimited period.

  • Skype

Skype is known to be a very good call service provider. It is not only limited to your computers but you can also download and use it in your mobile. This way you can stay connected to your friends and family residing in other parts of the world. It also provides you added services like call waiting and call forwarding.

  • iCall

In icall, you will have a lot of added features apart from making international calls on lowest rates. The call quality is reported to be not that good in comparison to Skype but then again; it is considered to be among good service providers.

  • Vonage

The best thing about Vonage is that you can use it first and in case; you do not like the services; they offer 30 days money back guarantee.

  • VOIP

Installing this software is quite easy and there are no extra efforts required. The call quality is also very good and it offers very good calling rates. It also has unlimited monthly calling plans to United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

James Fu