Thursday, September 29, 2011


"Dolphin Tale" Ideas and Resources

My class is very excited about the new movie "Dolphin Tale."  In science, we've been discussing how scientists can use a model to help them investigate their questions and variables.

Here are a few resources I've either found or created that you can use to support reading, writing and science through ideas from the movie "Dolphin Tale."

Power Point that can be printed or shown on an Activeboard/SmartBoard

Science Worksheet to go with Scientific Method and Power Point

Writing Prompt to go with Power Point

Scholastic Resources

Winter's Tail

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Top 5 Conference Call Service Providers Available

Technology has made life much easier for everyone. It is no longer a difficult thing to connect with people living in different countries. With the help of technology, it is no longer expensive as well. Call service provider companies have played an important part in it. This product has gained a lot of popularity in the corporate world. The best thing about this software is that using and setting up the service is quite easy. This service is also called VOIP in most of the places.

In order to use the software, all you need to have is a good internet connection. Other things related to the software will be provided to you by call service provider. You will find a lot of good call service providers available in the market. The selection of the service provide completely depends upon your preferences and requirements. Since there are a lot of service providers, they all are offering difference packages. But before anything else, you need to make sure you have switched to better internet connection.

Once you are done with the set-up, you can start making or receiving calls instantly. You need to be very careful during the selection of call service provider. Since there are many, it will be hard for you to select a right one. You need to do a good research on the service providers who are already available. It is always good to take second opinions. Ask people who are already using such softwares; they will definitely guide you in a better way. Following are the five best call service providers available in the market offering best services. They are being used widely as well:

  • VoIP Buster

The advantage of this software is that you will not have to spend a penny after purchasing this software. It provides services absolutely free of cost. The call quality is also very good because it uses the latest technology. Users can also make calls via computer and that too free of cost. The time duration is also unlimited which means you can make free calls for unlimited period.

  • Skype

Skype is known to be a very good call service provider. It is not only limited to your computers but you can also download and use it in your mobile. This way you can stay connected to your friends and family residing in other parts of the world. It also provides you added services like call waiting and call forwarding.

  • iCall

In icall, you will have a lot of added features apart from making international calls on lowest rates. The call quality is reported to be not that good in comparison to Skype but then again; it is considered to be among good service providers.

  • Vonage

The best thing about Vonage is that you can use it first and in case; you do not like the services; they offer 30 days money back guarantee.

  • VOIP

Installing this software is quite easy and there are no extra efforts required. The call quality is also very good and it offers very good calling rates. It also has unlimited monthly calling plans to United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

James Fu


Security of Your Family With Use of Spy Cameras

I think definitely we all are concerned about the safety of our children and our hard earned properties like the house or the office where we work and we have to understand that we are not only fortunate but also smart and aware that these days there are several security gadgets in the markets which are easily available and these security gadgets are the hidden cameras, the nanny cameras, the spy cameras, the CCTV cameras and so on. If we have to be safe and secure, we have to be familiar with such excellent security gadgets. It has become quite necessary that we by ourselves make an initiative and secure our hard earned possessions in an appropriate way and for this we have to make use of such efficient spy camera only.

Huge and heavy CCTV cameras are being used by the administration so that they are survey the actions of the culprits in the public places whereas tiny and attractive hidden spy nanny cams are used by general public and a common man so that he/she can save him/her self from the harm given by the thieves or anyone else. Earlier the cameras were used only by the professionals. People today know how to be safe and secure and so they are making use of such cameras. Today we can see that cameras come in several sizes and shapes. They are not only inexpensive but they are beautiful too.

People who like to shop online can definitely have a look at the innovative and pioneering and magnificent hidden desk calculator cameras on the website and they can place an order for it online only and they will see that their product has been safely shipped to their respective address mentioned during the order. People not only make use of such equipments only for safety, but there are even using for excitement purpose. Cameras can be used for excitement, for collecting images of the environment, sceneries and even to capture the images of all the memorable events and moments which we spend with our friends and family members. While cameras like the hidden cameras and spy cameras can be used for analysis and inspection.

If you are searching for both protecting your loved ones and business from invaders then choose a quality product. Life can be in your control with the right security gear installed in your home. You can make use of these gadgets to help protect your interests in best way possible.

When choosing a product internet is a great source of searching. The online shopping has changed the world we live in. It can be confusing to select a product when you have so many choices. Life can be made easy with some research, do some background checking and you have to read the customer reports and then make a purchase. Buying a quality product is important as if the picture is grainy and of poor quality then it will not be advantageous in your situation. Whatever your need to use a camera for personal or professional use, there is one that will fit your needs. My-spycam is your one stop portal for all your security needs.

Jane Molano


Spy Camera – Catching Your Cheating Spouse

Do you think your spouse is loyal to you? What if your spouse is cheating on you? With the purpose of catching a cheating spouse, you need to take advantage of a few spy gadgets. Are you amazed at how a private detective exposes if your spouse is disloyal to you and is in fact cheating on you? By means of discreet, modern technology and a bit expertise, today’s private detectives without any difficulty expose cheating spouses with much simplicity.

New day new mission, your goal is to catch a deceitful spouse and helping you to achieve this and get all the evidence you need is small but ingenious looking spy tools like spy voice recorders and cameras. Spy voice recorders are the first choice of any private detective or investigator, enabling him to record discussions covertly. Listening tools can be used to listen to voices over distances. Connect them to a recording device like a DVR and you can have the evidence on the spot! Mostly in view of the fact that several digital phone recording systems can catch both ends of a discussion, in addition to ambient room noise providing a great deal necessary framework. Be certain to confirm your local laws on recording gadgets to keep yourself out of legal trouble.

Small discreet spy cameras and recording devices and especially pinhole cameras can be positioned across the home, in rooms, passageways and so on to make an effort to expose riotous behavior of your erring spouse. These small cameras are difficult to notice, however are dependable when it comes to capture hours of recording video footage with excellent quality. Low light or night vision cameras or PIR motion detecting cameras can as well assist notice slippery spouses, once positioned in tactical positions.

Other excellent options include nanny cams, wireless spy cameras, IP spy cameras and hidden spy cameras. The private detective you hire may recommend adding a spanking new "picture frame camera" to your main bedroom; a picture frame with a built in covert spy camera that can help expose and record evidence while you are away at your job. Body worn cameras carried on by private detectives such as spy pen cameras, spy sunglasses cameras, necktie cameras, or spy watch cameras can record evidence as the detective is strolling around mostly because the majority of recent mini cameras have an adequate amount of memory space for storing video footage.

If you want to expose and catch a cheating spouse, you should visit an online spy store and browse through a range of innovative spy tools yourself. At present with all the spy tools to be had in the market there's no way the fact can evade you. However, as you search for the right spy cameras and other investigative tools do remember prices and products may vary from one online store to another. Therefore, do compare products and rates before placing your order. Another area of concern is customer service, a reputed online store will always respond to your queries and will offer money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Jane Molano


Why Electrical Engineering?

Why not electrical engineering? Electrical Engineering has now become the second most popular engineering degree in the country right after software engineering. With technological advances continuing to be a big area of growth, electrical engineering has found itself to become a popular field of study for many students. For students that are looking for the fastest growing field of study, Electrical Engineering may be the right choice for any interested student.

The current status of jobs in the field is vastly growing and in the future is projected to have many job opportunities readily available for recent graduates. The program has a big demand for a strong foundation in physical science and mathematics, and students should be aware of engineering fundamentals. But the availability of jobs openings becomes its biggest benefit and also includes a very competitive annual salary.
What also makes this field very prospective is that current average salary of $85K depending on experience and expertise. According to 2009 job statistics, the Electrical Engineering bachelor degrees had entry level offers starting at $60K and master’s program graduates starting at $71K. With those averages just being in the starting salaries, there is definitely more potential to grow as one increases their experience and education levels.

As popularity for the field increases, there also becomes difficulty in choosing the right program that fits an individual and his or her lifestyle. Not only is it important to find a program that is in tune a student’s goals but also one that works well with the schedule of the student. Classes are now being offered on campus and online to best fit a student's schedule and programs that allow that are growing to be the most popular.

Stanford University has become quite a popular choice for many graduate prospective students due to its reputation for great educators as well as offering courses at the convenience of the student. Electrical Engineering graduate certificates that are available include: Communication Systems, Electronic Circuits, and Micro/Nano Systems. The Master’s degree program in Electrical Engineering requires 45 units among three categories: Breadth Courses, Depth Courses and Additional Electrical Engineering Courses. The Breadth requirements provide a foundation type training that allows the student to explore different areas and learn the basic engineering skills. The depth requirement takes the student further to learn more in depth about one subject area. And the additional Electrical Engineering Courses are a way for students to study in depth Electrical Engineering through hands on course work and further study class options.

Since Stanford also offers many of its graduate courses online including courses for Electrical Engineering, students have the great ability to gain a graduate certificate on-campus or online. This allows the student more freedom and more time to work the graduate program into their life and therefore make the process of obtaining an additional degree more at ease. But what truly makes the Stanford University Electrical Engineering program special is its ability to uphold education excellence while remaining accessible to any student.

KC Gonzales

Monday, September 19, 2011


Memorable Moment # 11: Name Changes

My parents christened me with a first, middle and last name when I was born. When I got married, I took on my husband's last name. In spite of these facts, my student's want to bestow new names on me each year. In the past few years, I have been all of these:


"Ms. Yogurt"

"Mrs. Yo-yo"


And let's not forget, my personal favorite:

"Ms. Oder"

I really do shower. The last one was a result of a child's speech impairment, not my personal hygiene habits.

picture references:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Reading Block

Some of you know I've recently switched teaching pre-schoolers with disabilities to teaching third grade students with disabilities.

In Florida, third grade is a "high stakes grade level." Children who do not pass the reading section of our achievement test face a mandatory retention.

My assistants and I are working diligently to help our students develop and improve their reading skills. We have a few systems and procedures that we have in place to help our students maximize reading opportunities throughout the day.

In this post I'll list our systems and procedures, and then in future posts, I'll explain in more detail how we specifically address each item.

1) Guided Reading Groups led by the teacher using district adopted curriculum materials (for my district this is Harcourt StoryTown)

2) Scripted Phonics lesson led by a classroom assistant using SRA Reading Mastery materials

3) "Book Buckets" that include individual leveled readers from ReadingA-Z and a reading log.

4) Sight word practice. We store this in our book buckets and simply write targeted a sight word on an index card, hole punch it and collect them on a binder ring.

5) Shared poetry using poems from curriculum materials and other supplements.

6) Shared reading focusing on robust vocabulary and focus skills such character, setting, recalling details, etc.

7) Accelerated Reader using individualized goals and reading levels.

8) Read aloud chapter books.

9) Read aloud grade level short stories led by a classroom assistant.

10) Reading "choice time" activities (popular songs with lyrics..karaoke style, Boggle, Boggle Jr, Spell It Puzzles, Bananagrams, Scrabble, Scrabble Jr, etc).

We've just started our third week of school and I feel as if we are really starting to move with our reading groups and instruction. It took us a bit of time to finish assessments, formulate groups, and teach our students procedures for each of the areas we've attacked.

Hopefully, by the end of the year, we'll be able to report some good growth in our students' reading skills. I say "we" and "our" with intent because it require a team effort between the students, their families, my assistants and me!