Monday, October 17, 2011

Find Fulfillment With A Career In Special Education

Unfortunately, children who have disabilities do exist, and they need teachers who have compassion, patience, and the knowledge to help them strive to reach their potential, no matter what it is! This is the field of special education, which has grown in its importance and demand, and makes a very fulfilling career choice.

You are such a person but you also have others depending upon you to put food on the table. No worries, this is not an impossible dream! You can enroll into an online degree program and do the work from home.

First of all, you will more than likely need a Master's degree to find employment, which is required by most states and is regulated by the National Teacher's Association. Upon your completion, there will be an exam for licensing, so don't forget to research the various institutions offering degrees to make sure of their accreditation. However, if you do not have an undergraduate degree in education, you can still enroll into the special education Master's degree.

This is an area of teaching that will allow you to think outside the box in order to find new ways to help your students reach their goals. Within your courses, you will have instruction in the psychology of education and the many legal issues facing the special education teacher in today's world. Also, you will have training in the many forms of handicaps that your students have to face up to and including mental disorders that cause learning problems. It is also important that you are able to identify any new obstacle that will need attention and care.

What has changed in the past several years is what a special needs teacher can do and what she or he is trained to do. Whether or not it is in the juvenile justice system or in a long-term care facility for children, teachers will always be needed to help with all levels of education, along with providing training for daily living skills that most of us take for granted. You could also open up your own practice for counseling students and their parents to help them face the many hurdles of growing up with disabilities.

The teaching of these children involves evaluating and implementing a course of teaching through comprising an IEP which is an individualized education program. These link all individuals who will be part of the education of that student. It also lets everyone know how the student is progressing and if there needs to be a change in the program due to a setback or a goal being reached.

Along with how to teach a child with learning problems is what has occurred or the reason for one's situation. Autism, mental health diseases, birth defects, and/or any harm that has occurred to the brain is taught and various forms of teaching that have the best results for each will be a vital part of your education. Also, through modern technology, there are now many devices that can be of benefit in helping teach a special needs child.